October 16th, 2013


It’s been almost a decade since the series was introduced to me. It has gone from being the cool thing to the status symbol of otakuness/weabo-ness.

Frankly, I’m still reading it only because it’s ending and I want closure…that and sometimes I’m bored. But good lord, has it descended into one cliched trope to another. The series can also be called the following:

  • “Naruto: Friendship is Magic”
  • “Naruto: Secrets of Talk-no-jutsu”
  • “Naruto: Flashbacks”
  • “Naruto: Persistence and Moxie Pay Off (but having a good pedigree sure helps a lot so maybe all that hard work wasn’t needed after all)”
  • “Naruto: Tales of Ninjas Who Know No Military Strategy”
  • “Naruto: Predecessor Issues”

Please; just end already.

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