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The Amazing Jesus

Uncategorized: January 2nd, 2009

WARNING: For the devout and/or easily offended by religious jokes, you may want to turn away now. Are they all gone? Good. Ah yes. Rowan Atkinson–a fine British comedian and easily, one of my favourites. I was introduced to him through Mr. Bean. Then, an Australian friend (from back then) brought a VCD of Mr. […]

Geeks Cast Page Updated

Uncategorized: January 5th, 2009

The cast page is updated. It will then be henceforth updated with every new episode of Hostile Takeover or when an additional cast member appears in it.


January 7th, 2009

No more Guitar Queer-O: Play a video game using an Actual Guitar

Uncategorized: January 12th, 2009

Just announced at CES: A Guitar Hero like game that, instead of a silly plastic prop with a lever and three buttons, uses a real guitar. This is cool because just as the video says, instead of some ridiculous controller that just lets you earn points, having an actual guitar (the controllers are actually the […]

If a couple of games collided with reality…

Uncategorized: January 13th, 2009

Brandon Boyer from BoingBoing Offworld has a couple of neat posts… First, instead of Dr. Wily waiting for Mega Man to off his minions one by one, why not just have them go at him at once? Amazingly, Mega Man still won. If only Dr. Wily would stop making robots weak against the weapons of his […]


January 14th, 2009

Another Hostile Takeover Teaser

Uncategorized: January 15th, 2009

Lookie here… Hostile Takeover Part 2 Teaser by ~sevenfloorsdown on deviantART Expect it around late January/early February.

First Revenge of the Fallen Deluxe Class Toy

Uncategorized: January 20th, 2009

Some say this is a reformatted Barricade (because you know, everyone knew him as the insane cop). One video reviewer even calls it “Barricade’s Sister.” The Audi R8 looks nice but I’m wondering too why the Audi logo doesn’t appear on the car. Still, it’s a very nice looking car (excuse the crap quality photo): […]

Waltz with Bashir: a very noteworthy animated film

Uncategorized: January 27th, 2009

Waltz with Bashir is an animated film by Ari Folman from Israel. Shot in a documentary style, it’s about how Folman was an infantry soldier back in 1982 when he was 19. He meets friends in 2006 who discuss their nightmares relating to the 1982 Lebanon war. Folman, however, does not remember anything from that […]